Call of Duty: Warzone squad sets an unreal 162 kill record in a single match Warzone map

Some of us are relieved if we can get one kill in a Call of Duty: Warzone session, others manage to rack up dozens without a sweat, but only a chosen few have managed more kills-per-match than there are players on the map. A squad led by Aydan Conrad pulled off the latter last week, achieving a jaw-dropping new 162 kill record for Warzone.

Aydan, who tweeted that the record “will NEVER be broken,” teamed up with three others players on Verdansk and proceeded to mow down opponents at a startling pace, first in a chopper (watch out for the rotor kill below) and then on foot (he did enjoy a stint in the gulag, but you can probably guess how that went down). 

If you’re wondering why he and his teammates make it seem so easy, well, first of all they’re good at the game, but it could have something to do with the average skill of the lobby they matched into. As many players and spectators have pointed out, the 162-kill massacre took place in a lower-skilled “bronze one” lobby according to stat-tracking site SBMM Warzone. Based on the site's data, that's in the bottom 20 percent of Warzone lobbies with an average 0.89 kill/death ratio.

While Aydan claims the record will never be broken, his squad did at least try to coax the last remaining opponent to respawn their allies at a buy station to boost their kill count further—the opponent declined, no doubt fed up.

Check out the match below:

Aydan dealt the most damage in his squad with an impressive 47 kills and a 4.98 kill/death ratio, while his teammates managed 46, 36 and 33. For reference, the highest kill count among the other squads was a meagre total of ten. 

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