Cheap SSD deals of the week Cheap SSD deals of the week

SSD prices are so cheap compared to what they cost just a few years ago, every SSD feels like a cheap SSD. But even so, some are really really cheap. While we're stuck at home with more time to devote to the best PC games, it's nice to have the drive space to keep tons of games installed at once. That's where these deals come into play. Find a cheap SSD deal, and you can add 1-2TB of affordable storage to your PC.

The best gaming PCs these days all use SSDs as their primary boot drives, thanks to their speed and reliability. But it's also affordable to have a big secondary drive solely devoted to a king-sized gaming library. For some games, it'll remarkably speed up loading times, and with a big enough drive you won't hae to stress about uninstalling old games every time Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has another 50GB update.

Here are the cheap SSD deals we've found this week. We keep this guide updated as new deals appear, so check back frequently. If you want a top-of-the-line SSD, check the sales against our guide to the best SSDs for gaming. There's a tasty variety of SATA SSDs with some awesome deals, along with our choices for best NVMe SSDs we found on sale, too.

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Samsung 970 EVO Plus | 1TB | M.2 NVMe | $170 (save $80)
The Samsung 970 EVO Plus is one of our favorite SSDs for gaming, and the 1TB model is currently at its lowest price ever, at least on Amazon. (Posted: 10/20)View Deal

WD BLACK SN750 | 500GB | M.2 NVMe | $63 (save $37)
If you value performance over storage capacity, this 500GB version of Western Digital’s SN750 SSD is just $70 right now. (Posted: 10/12)View Deal

Samsung T7 | 1TB | USB | $170 (save $30)
If you’re looking to take your Steam game collection (or any other data, really) with you on the go, this compact 1TB portable SSD is just $170 right now. It’s essentially an NVMe drive in a USB enclosure, with read speeds up to 1,050 MB/s. (Posted: 10/20)View Deal

Silicon Power TLC SSD | 512GB | M.2 NVMe | $55 (save $8)
If you can’t afford a larger 1TB SSD, this 512GB drive still gives you the performance benefits of NVMe at a great value. (Posted: 10/12)

Crucial P1 | 1TB | M.2 NVMe | $105
This 1TB NVMe drive from Crucial won’t quite match the cutting-edge performance of Samsung’s top NVMe SSDs, but it’s still much faster than any SATA drive. (Posted: 10/12)View Deal

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