CS:GO Operation Broken Fang is live now CS:GO's Retakes mode

The CS:GO community awoke from their slumber today to discover that Valve had reached down a benevolent hand and given them an early Christmas gift. Broken Fang, the 10th CS:GO operation, is here. It even comes with a cinematic trailer (a whole 16 seconds long), the first official Counter-Strike cinematic in eight years.

Broken Fang adds a new Retakes mode that's available for all players, which pits three terrorists against four counter-terrorists for eight rounds, with weapons chosen from a loadout card each round. Those with the Operation Pass also get access to the competitive Broken Fang premier mode, and an Operation Stats page collecting their personal statistics complete with heat maps and win rates broken down per map.

There are seven new maps, and an Operation Shop that sells rewards in exchange for spending 'operation stars' that are earned by completing weekly missions. It sells graffiti, patches, stickers, weapon collections, a new weapon case, and agents themed around a SWAT team and a criminal crew called The Professionals.

The accompanying patch also adds a contextual ping system accessed via a customizable chat wheel. Which is nice.

For full details of the various new additions, maps, agents, and cosmetics, head to the Counter-Strike website.

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