Deathloop artist showcases the game’s sharp ’60s-inspired fashion Monochrome fashion in Deathloop

For a gang of brutal killers trapped on a timeless murder island, Deathloop's heroes and villains are impeccably well-dressed. In a new video from GameInformer, Arkane lead character artist Jean-Baptiste Ferder detailed how the team stitched together such a fashionable cast.

The stars of the catwalk are, of course, main characters Colt and Juliana. Our stubborn, worn down hero naturally has a knackered old jacket, flavoured with custom patches. Juliana's design is much simpler—she lets her gun do the talking, so much of the detail has been saved for her rifle.

But these designs are practically tame compared to the Visionaries, the eight targets Colt needs to kill to escape the island. This is our first look at the entire line-up, and the looks are stunning. Ferder cites hairdressing icon Vidal Sassoon and Bob Fosse dance clips as key drivers of Deathloop's snappy looks, which range from jazzy suits and minimalist masks to flat-panelled dresses and practical jumpsuits.

The team has gone to some ridiculous lengths to paint these characters through even the smallest details. Did you notice Colt's belt buckle like, at all? Because Arkane's lead concept artist forged it, for real, before modelling it in the game proper. 

Deathloop's style isn't simply visual, either. This month, Arkane released the game's brilliant, Bond-style theme song on Spotify. Deathloop is coming to Steam and on May 21st.

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