Fallout 76: Steel Dawn expansion gets a surprise early launch Fallout 76 Steel Dawn

The Brotherhood of Steel is coming Fallout 76, and even earlier than we expected. That's right, the Fallout 76: Steel Dawn expansion that was due on December 1 is actually being released a week early. 

It'll be out later today, in fact, on all platforms. Surprise! If that's not enough of a draw, the patch notes also state that penalties for hunger and thirst are being removed—now you'll only get a buff if you're well fed and hydrated.

Apparently, an error this morning meant Fallout 76 players on Xbox were able to download the expansion ahead of schedule. Rather than mucking around with reverting their games back to the current version, Bethesda decided to just go ahead and release the expansion early for everyone.

Fallout 76 server maintenance will begin at 4 pm ET (which is roughly now as I'm writing this) and the game will be offline for approximately six hours. When the servers come back, which is estimated to be at around 7 pm PT / 10 pm ET, Steel Dawn will be live for all players.

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