Get NBN 1000 for AU$119 a month with this new Aussie Broadband deal Sonic Mania

If you're looking for download speeds of up to 1000Mbps in Australia you're going to pay through the nose, usually. But not if you hunt around: Aussie Broadband is offering a very tantalising deal at the moment, offering six months worth of NBN 1000 for AU$119 a month, down from its usual AU$149. For the full six months that amounts to an AU$180 discount.

Before you fire away, remember you'll generally need a fibre to the premises (FTTP) connection to get an NBN 1000 plan: only a small number of HFC (hybrid fibre-coax) connections support 1000Mbps, and if you're on FTTN (the most common connection type in Australia) you're sweet outta luck. If that's you: sorry.

If you do qualify, you'll need to use the code FAST30 on the Aussie Broadband website to get this price. A similar deal is offered for the ISP's NBN 250 plan: usually AU$129, you'll get it for AU$99 for the first six months, using the same code.

Importantly, there's no contract term, so you could always make the most of this deal while the going is good, and then connect to a cheaper, slower plan once it has expired, if you don't want to pay the usual monthly price. For example, Telstra is currently offering AU$10 off its monthly bills for a limited time. For more, check out our guide to the best NBN plans for gaming in 2021.

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