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Looking for a red creature in Genshin Impact? Of course you are, because you're ready to add more photos to your already-bulging collection. And since it's day three of the Genshin Impact Kamera event, you've got another set of specific targets to capture in exchange for even more rewards.

Remember, though, as this is a temporary event, try to get your daily photography tasks done as soon as you can: After the seventh day of the event, your plush new Kurious Kamera gadget will no longer work, and you'll have to rely on trading with friends to get what you need. So, to help you tick off your third Five Flushes of Fortune objective, here's where to find a Genshin Impact red creature.

Genshin Impact red creature: Where to find Pyro Slime

Unlike the first day of the event, red plants and flowers won't work. Instead, as with day two, you'll need to find creatures. And, since you're looking for red ones, Pyro enemies are your next target. That means subjects such as Pyro Slimes, Hilichurls, and more.

They're all found to the northeast of Mondstadt among the Stormbearer mountains. Qualifying creatures can also be found north of the plateau in northeast Nantianmen, and the fiery invertebrate blobs specifically can also be snapped on the east side of Whispering Woods, near some trees on a cliffside.

As ever, you'll know you've got the correct creature as your camera will shutter automatically. You'll also get the item, 'Photo: Crimson'. Just remember, as you're capturing images of enemies, be sure to keep your distance: If enemies deal you damage while you're aiming your camera, you'll lose focus.

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