Monster Hunter Rise will hit PC early next year Monster Hunter rise

Monster Hunter Rise might be a Switch exclusive when it arrives next month, but Capcom's latest dinosaur-basher will eventually find its way to PC sometime next year.

That detail comes courtesy of Capcom Japan producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yasunori Ichinose, who spoke to Fanbyte about next month's Monster Hunter. The pair confirmed that, like Monster Hunter World, Rise would eventually get a PC release—but that a PC version is still "very much in development", to be expected in early 2022.

Monster Hunter World was no different, with its PC release coming a good 7 months after its console debut. PC updates also lagged behind for a while, until an Iceborne patch finally brought update parity to all editions last April.

Announced last year, Monster Hunter Rise's visuals skew closer to traditional handheld MonHun entries. But the developers explain that the game won't be quite as brutally punishing as previous games, with a "pick up and play" approach that should fit the Switch quite nicely (and, for us, hopefully make for a good lunch break game).

Last week's Nintendo Direct also showed off more of the game's village hub, with a new "Rampage" mission type saving you the trouble of tracking by bringing monsters to your doorstep. Rise also hopes to have more of an intimate setting, pitting you as a resident of this village (and ecosystem)—a far cry from World's colonial frontier framing.

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