Outriders will be on Xbox Game Pass at release, but not for PC Outriders

Outriders, People Can Fly's grungy, roadie-running co-op RPG, will be available to play via Xbox Game Pass when it launches on April 1st. Great news, right? Well…

Unfortunately, it seems that PC players haven't been invited to the party. In Xbox's announcement post, Microsoft announced that Outriders will be available on Game Pass from launch on "Console and Android phones and tablets", via regular Xbox Game Pass For Console and Game Pass Ultimate.

While the phrasing of Game Pass Ultimate caused confusion (that service notably includes all Game Pass games across PC and Console), Xbox confirmed via Twitter that Outriders would not be coming to PC shortly after the announcement.

Skipping Game Pass on PC is a shame, considering we were included in the generous free demo (so generous, in fact, that the developer had to step in to ensure demo legendaries didn't break the full game). Game Pass or not, however, Outriders arrives as normal on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on April 1st.

That sizeable demo also helped Outriders shine, arguing the case for demos making a comeback. Despite coming across as a drab, generic take on Destiny, Outriders' wildly creative loot system convinced Andi H that People Can Fly could be onto a real winner.

"A generic-looking bunch of sci-fi supersoldiers darting between cover might not scream Next Big Thing in 2021, but it's the stuff they're capable of once you start tinkering with builds and see the crazier end of the loot spectrum that makes Outriders one to watch."

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