Phasmophobia’s next update will let ghosts touch your real human body phasmophobia

Phasmophobia's ghosts will soon be able to reach out from the computer screen and grasp your actual, flesh-and-blood body—assuming you've shelled out for one of those newly-supported bHaptics suits.

The latest update to the game's beta build adds support for bHaptics' full body haptic suits and face covers. Essentially, these will let the game trigger vibrations across your bod, presumably to send actual shivers down your spine when a spook shows up.

Combine that with the game's pre-existing VR support, and you should now effectively be able to fully transport your body within the multiplayer ghost-hunter sim. Granted, bHaptic's suits don't come cheap. The simplest of the company's tactical haptic vests will set you back $300, with a more expensive version containing over double the number of vibration points going for a spicy $500. 

Paranormal investigators on a budget haven't been left out of the new update, of course. On top of dozens of bug fixes and tweaks, ghosts now have a chance to snuff out candles in dimly-lit rooms—with a new reward for detecting the presence of a ghost by candlelight.

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