Stadia exclusive Super Bomberman R Online is coming to PC Super Bomberman R Online

According to a listing on the ESRB website, Super Bomberman R Online will break its lonely Google Stadia exclusivity and launch for PC. The game was basically a re-release of the original Super Bomberman R, which is already available on Steam, though it added a 64 player Bomberman-style battle royale mode.

In addition to the large number of players competing, the Battle 64 mode also mirrors the battle royale shrinking map format: players are randomly plonked onto one of a series of interconnected areas, with each of these areas gradually closing down. Another unique offering is Crowd Play, which lets players join a streamer’s match on-the-fly. Elsewhere, the Standard competitive mode now supports up to 16 players rather than eight.

The original Super Bomberman R was a launch title for Nintendo Switch, before launching on PC in 2018. It didn’t fare particularly well with reviewers, and the version on Steam is damn pricey for a Bomberman game, but for some people that won’t matter: it’s Bomberman.

The PC version of Super Bomberman R Online hasn’t been officially announced, so we don’t know if it’ll be free like the Stadia version currently is, nor when it will release. For what it’s worth, according to the ESRB listing “the words ‘damn’ and ‘hell’ are heard in the game,” so proceed with caution. 

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