The Everspace 2 roadmap has bombers, recon ships, and fast travel An image from Everspace 2

With the release of its most recent patch out of the way, Everspace 2 developers Rockfish Games have rolled out its roadmap for development of the Early Access space shooter in 2021. The new features in the pipe include new ship sub-classes for the player, as well as new activities in various parts of the game world. Further, the game's main story will be added to, which is something that the developers weren't previously planning to do.

The first update, this spring, will have a light fighter equipped for speed and defensive reconnaissance, as well as a heavy fighter-bomber specializing in missiles and mines. That will also have the new story missions. A summer update will include a new system with new enemies, as well as increase the player level cap. The fall update will introduce two more fighter types, as well as a new region and fast travel.

An image from Everspace 2

(Image credit: Rockfish Games)

If this has all gotten you interested in Everspace 2, here are 6 tips to help you survive your first hours. Our Steven Messner was quite enamored with Everspace 2, calling it "close to being the new gold standard for space shooters."

You can find Everspace 2 on Steam. Here are some space critters, too:

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