The list of Epic’s free Christmas games may have leaked Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2020

As part of its Epic Holiday Sale, the Epic Store is giving away one free game per day instead of its usual weekly giveaways. The freebies began with Cities: Skylines, followed by Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, at which point a list claiming to detail all of the games about to be given away started circulating. The next game on the list was survival hit The Long Dark, and lo and behold, it was indeed the next free game.

It's a credible list. Epic has given away repeat titles before, to the relief of those who missed them the first time, so the appearance of previous giveaways like Inside and Metro 2033 Redux checks out. And while Darkest Dungeon isn't currently available in the Epic Store, Darkest Dungeon 2 is and a dataminer has found a listing for its predecessor. Plus, games have debuted in the store with a giveaway before.

A leak detailing the games being given away in the Epic Mega Sale earlier this year proved partially accurate, predicting that GTA 5 and Civilization 6 would be followed by Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and then Ark: Survival Evolved. While the Borderlands pack was indeed the subsequent giveaway, it was followed by Overcooked—and then, a week later, by Ark.

We'll find out if this list is accurate tomorrow, when it's claiming Defense Grid will be free. Other highlights include Alien: Isolation on December 21, Night in the Woods on December 27, Jurassic World Evolution on December 31, and of course the extremely festive Darkest Dungeon on Christmas day. 

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