Warzone will carry on into this year’s Call Of Duty CoD Warzone map

Like the turning of the seasons, it doesn't take a fortune-teller to predict that there'll be a new Call Of Duty coming out of Activision this year.

There's not much more to tell than that right now, mind. In an earnings call this Thursday, however, the publisher did note that Call Of Duty: Warzone would continue through this year's entry, keeping the battle royale going for another year. 

It's no surprise that Warzone would continue, of course. The free-to-play battle royale helped Call Of Duty maintain 100 million monthly players all through 2020. Like Black Ops – Cold War, we can expect the new game to bring some fresh theming to Warzone—though we can only hope we'll have moved beyond the game's flood of cheaters and recurring stim-glitch issues.

But while Activision said this year's Call Of Duty is looking "strong", it hasn't said which of its developers is working on it. That's not too surprising, given Activision remains cagey over who's in charge of Warzone these days. There's a strong case to be made for Infinity Ward, consider we just had a Raven and Treyarch co-developed entry in Cold War, and that Infinity Ward is almost certainly developing a follow-up to 2019's Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Warzone shouldn't be sleeping on new content until the next game, of course. A new map is rumoured to arrive this March to coincide with the game's first anniversary. Plus, that stim glitch exploit might possibly, finally, actually be fixed. For real this time. We hope.

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